Captain Robert Victor Allan DFC

Southern Rhodesia


The following information was taken from the Dix Noonan Webb catalogue dated  22 September 2000:

"Robert Victor Allan was...a pre-war territorial in Southern Rhodesia and joined the Southern Rhodesian Air Force during the war. He was commissioned in 1941 and served in the R.A.F.V.R. as Observer and Bombing Leader with 44 (Rhodesia) Squadron and 97 (Straits Settlements) Squadron, Pathfinder Force.

He completed 55 operational sorties and was awarded the D.F.C. in 1945 when he was serving with 97 Squadron.

He subsequently served in the 1st Battalion Rhodesia Regiment as Capatain & Q.M., 1948-54, winning the Queen's Best Shot Medal in 1953 as champion shot of Southern Rhodesia."