Staff Sergeant Gordon Wilfred Black

Royal Canadian Mounted Police


The Folowing is an obituary which appeared in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Quarterly, Volume 46, No. 2, Page 74


Reg. No. 15163, ex-S/Sgt. Gordon Wilfred Black, 52, died of cancer on October 24, 1980, at Ottawa, Ontario.

He was born September 15, 1928, at Shoal Lake, Manitoba, and joined the RCMP on August 24, 1948, at Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Following recruit training at Depot and "N" Divisions, he was posted to "F" Division where he served at Regina, Kipling and Weyburn. He purchased his discharge on December 7, 1951, and served with the Royal Canadian Army (Provost Corps) for two years before re-joining the Force on February 17, 1954, at Ottawa.

He spent the rest of his career at "A" Division, being promoted corporal on May 1, 1960, sergeant on May 1, 1966, and staff sergeant on February 1, 1971. He was invalided to pension on September 30, 1978.