Lieutenant Gilmour "Gil" "Boa



If a "Best All Round Canadian Rifleman of All Times" had to be chosen, Gil Boa would be a top contender for the title.

At the Canadian Fullbore Rifle Championship, he made the Bisley Team on nine occasions. He was the Canadian Fullbore Rifle Champion twice, came second twice and was third on one occasion. He won the Governor General's Prize once and came second twice. In the Grand Aggregate, he was first on two occasions.

At Bisley, he won the King's Prize in 1951, made the Queen's Prize Final twice and made the Top 50 in the Grand Aggregate once.

In addition to his prowess with the fullbore target rifle, Gil won the Queen's Medal for Service Rifle on four occasions. Furthermore, with the smallbore Rifle, he won the World Championship in Caracas in 1954, an Olympic Bronze Medal in Melbourne in 1956, a Gold Medal at the Commonwealth Games in 1966 and a Silver Medal at the Pan American Games in 1967. Gil is a member of the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame. Finally, Gil won the Queen's Medal for the Canadian Service Rifle Championship four times.

Gils' grandfather, Andrew Boa, his father, Jim, and his children, Vickie and Sandy, have all been members of Canadian Bisley Teams. His brother, James Junior, qualified four times but was unable to accept his place on the Bisley Team.

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