Revised Rules



A.O. 58/1962

THE QUEEN'S MEDAL (for Champion Shots in the Military Forces)

Revised Rules

1. Her Majesty has been graciously pleased to approve the grant of a medal to be awarded annually to the Champion Shots, respectively, of the undermentioned Forces:-

(a) The Military Forces at Home, except those at (b) hereunder.

(b) The Army Emergency Reserve, Categories I and II(A) and the Territorial Army.

(c) The Military Forces of Canada.

(d) The Military Forces ofAustralia.

(e)The Military Forces ofNew Zealand.

(f) The Military Forces of Ceylon

(g) The Military Forces of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland and the Bristish South Africa Police.

(h) The Ghana Armed Forces.

2. The medal will be designated "The Queen's Medal (for Champion Shots in the Military Forces)".

3. The medal will be in silver and will be similar in design to the medal instituted by the Royal Warrant dated 30th April 1869, but will bear on the obverse the effigy of Her Majesty.

4. The ribbon will be similar to that on the medal instituted by the Royal Warrant dated 30th April 1869.

5. In each case in which a medal is issued, a clasp will be affixed denoting the year of the award.

Not more than one medal will be given to any winner.

In the event of a winner in one category winning later in another category, the award will take the form of a clasp with the year date exactly as if the second win had been in the original category.

The same rules apply to the award of clasps.

6. In undress and service uniform, when ribbons are worn, the grant of a second or further clasp will be denoted by the wearing of the ribbon of a small silver rose, one or more, according to the number of clasps awarded.

7. The medals will become the property of the winners and may be worn during the whole of their service. They will be worn on the left breast.

8. The medals will be competed for under battle firing conditions at an annual central meeting in the territory of the relevant force named in paragraph 1.

All competitors must be actual serving members of the Regular Army, Army Emergency Reserve, Categories I and II(A), Territorial Army, or Local Militia and Volunteer Forces, inthe countries concerned.

9. The competition for the Military Forces at Home will be held during the Central Meeting of the Army Rifle Association, and the medal will be awarded to the winner of the Army Championship at that meeting. The competition for the Army Emergency Reserve, Categories I and II(A), and the Territorial Army, will be held during the Annua Bisley Meeting of the National Rifle Association and the detailed conditions, as approved by the Army council, will be published in the Handbook of that Association.

10. The competitions in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ceylon and the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland and Ghana will be held at a recognized annual central meeting where one exists, or at a meeting to be nominated by the General Staff of the country concerned.

The detailed conditions for these competitions will be drawn up by the respective General Staffs of the countries concerned, based on the conditions as published for the competition at home but modified as may be necessary to meet local circumstance, but in any case the spirit of the competition will not be departed from.

11. The names of the winners of the competitions will be notified to the Under-Secretary of State, The War Office, for the publication in Army Orders. The ribbon may be worn immediately the results of competitions are notified.

12. Army Orders 74 of 1954, 137 of 1954, 43 of 1956 and 3 of 1959 are hereby cancelled.