A Concise History of the Queen's/King's Medal

The Queen's Medal was instituted by Queen Victoria on 30 April 1869. The medal was to be awarded to the best shot of the British Army (although two were also awarded to the Royal Navy).

The medals were designed (but never issued) in bronze, however due to problems in manufacture the medals were eventually produced in silver. The last of the 16 Victorian silver issues was made in 1883 when the award lapsed.

In 1923 the medal was re-introduced by King George V, (AO 174 of 1923). The award now being entitled "The King's Medal". The countries eligible to compete for the award were now, the United Kingdom (The Military Forces at Home) together with the Military Forces of India, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa (including Rhodesia).

A.O. 174, 1923 states "The medals will be competed for at an Annual Central Meeting in the several countries named in paragraph 1, under Battle Firing Conditions."

In 1926 a separate award was created for Southern Rhodesia (A.O. 12, 1926) and the provision for wearing a rosette on the award ribbon to indicate a subsequent award of the medal was included. (A.O. 390, 1926).

In 1935 a separate award was created for the Champion Shot of the Territorial Army (UK).

In 1936 the warrant was revised to include members of the Supplementary Reserve in the definition of the Territorial Army.

[A.O. 74, 1954, 137, 1954 and 43, 1956 and 3 of 1959].

A.O. 58/1962 contained the Revised Rules for "The Queen's Medal (for Champion Shots in the Military Forces)"

These rules were amended by A.O. 4 of 1963, 50 of 1963, and 64 of 1964.

A.O. 3, 1970 consolidated the above amendments.

If anyone can supply me with copies of the Army Orders listed above it would be grealy appreciated.

Over the years the award lapsed in most of the Commonwealth countries as they gained their independance or created their own shooting awards.

The only countries which today can still be said to compete for the British Medal are the United Kingdom, Jamaica and New Zealand.

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